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Auto Service

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Vehicle Repair


Affordable Vehicle Diagnostics and repairs
services include:

  • Body work
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel injection
  • Painting
  • Brake test
  • Light test
  • Emission test
  • Suspension test
  • Transmission
  • Air Conditioning
Affordable Car Diagnostics and repairs
Auto Body Repair

The auto body repair is equipped to offer you the highest quality repair standards in the industry. We restore vehicles' appearances to ensure that it once again resembles the exact manufacturer specifications. We offer panel beating, clipping, panel alignment, welding and much more.

Accident Repairs


Carcare Computerized Auto Service undertakes accident repairs ranging from the minor accidents to major accident repairs and are proud to be one of the most modern and professional car accident repair workshop in the country.

Spray Painting


Our state of the art body repair shop with its dust free air paint room enables us to paint your car free of any impurities and dirty particles. We have an on-site automated paint sampling and mixing system that ensures that only the correct color code and shade is used on your vehicle. This eliminates poor quality paintwork and saves time.

General Mechanics


This is a comprehensive service that features any general repair work that is done to a car. It includes services such as engine repair, electrical, wheel and disc repair just but to name a few. The quality of work is unparalleled since all our service staff are highly experienced and rigorously trained to handle a whole array of vehicles and typical repair scenarios.