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Affordable Vehicle Diagnostics and repairs


  • Body work
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel injection
  • Painting
  • Brake test
  • Light test
  • Emission test
  • Suspension test
  • Transmission
  • Air Conditioning
Affordable Car Diagnostics and repairs
Routine Service

This service includes engine overhaul, gearbox overhaul, air conditioning and repairs, steering system maintenance, transmission servicing, electrical and brake systems check and replacements. We also offer engine diagnostic systems on all vehicles makes and models.
General Car Care

We undertake detailed vehicle cleaning, interior vacuuming, buffing and polishing, headlight cleaning and focusing, brake fluid moisture test, Vehicle identity and much more. You can always inquire more about any vehicle service you may have in mind through the information on our contact page.

Air Conditioning service

We offer periodic servicing and repairs to the air conditioning system. This includes services like measuring gas levels, changing of refrigerant, receiver dryer among others. The automated nature of the service is what sets it apart and ensured a pleasant, dust-free conditioning system for your Vehicle.

computerized wheel balancing

The drive to have accurate and quick turnaround for vehicles brought into Carcare Computerized Auto Service has necessitated the acquisition of this modern machinery and equipment. We use computerized wheel balancing machine to ensure efficiency and precision.